Why the Ski Resorts in Utah Are an Ideal Winter Vacation

If you are considering planning a ski vacation for this next winter season, then you might want to check out the many ski resorts in Utah. In the state of Utah, some of the best mountains and ski slopes can be found. The beautiful mountain ski resorts of this state can also boast what some people call the greatest snow found on earth.

There are more than a dozen top ski resorts located in Utah from which to choose. Each of the resorts include some of the quality features and amenities that rival the five-star resorts. While Utah ski resorts are becoming more popular, they are still relatively quiet and low-key as compared to some of the better known, such as Aspen.

Ski resorts in Utah enjoy excellent skiing conditions all through the winter and some of the resorts even make artificial snow to extend their seasons even more. However, Utah ski areas receive over 500 inches of snowfall annually, so most skiers enjoy the natural dry powder that covers the slopes.

Combine this kind of top notch powder with a wide variety of runs and you will find some of the most exciting and challenging ski slopes. No matter if you prefer to run the carefully groomed trails or if you like to dig into deep fluffy powder, you can find exactly the right skiing adventure for your tastes in the mountain ski resorts of the Rockies.

Almost all the resorts located in Utah will have a nice balance of runs for beginners, intermediates and advanced skiers. This makes a terrific destination for the whole family as there are always runs that match the skill level and experience of members of the whole family. There are also a number of other types of activities that you can take advantage of while in the gorgeous mountains of the Utah ski areas such as tubing, snowboarding, helicopter skiing, ice-skating, snowmobiling, sleigh rides and even hot air ballooning above the snow.

Most of the resorts are within fairly easy access to the Salt Lake City International Airport, making it an ideal destination, regardless of where you are coming from. A large number of the top Utah resorts offer ski-in/ski-out accommodations for great convenience to the slopes, and allowing you the option of never having to leave the resort unless you want to.

The 2002 Olympic winter games were hosted in Utah and as a result, most of the resorts found here were upgraded and expanded to cater to a world-class level of top athletes and guests. It comes as no surprise to people visiting these areas that the US Ski and Snowboard Association is headquartered in Park City, Utah.

The majority of the best runs and the best resorts to be found are located in the three adjacent canyons just outside of Salt Lake City. The skiing resort of Park City is quite well-known as well as the nearby Snowbird and Sundance resorts, which all boast excellent skiing facilities and resort accommodations. Many people choose one of the resorts as a base and are then able to explore all seven of the area destinations with one ski lift pass.

One of the most popular and well-known ski resorts in Utah is the Park City Mountain resort. In addition to incredible and legendary snow, Park City also boasts a colorful past as a mining town. The setting and history helps to add interest and entertainment to the outdoor skiing activities and gives visitors a taste of the spirit of the Old West at the same time. With over 3,300 acres of ski area, Park City is often considered the skiing capital of Utah.

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